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Pixels 2015 torrent

Year: Pixels 2015 torrent

Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi
Director: Chris Columbus
Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan

Pixels 2015 torrent

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Pixels 2015 torrent:
When foreigners as a declaration of war against the classic arcade video channels distort them, they are invading Earth, using the game as a model for his various attacks. Childhood best friend Cooper is president calls 80s video game champion Jules Brenner, now home theater installation, old school arcaders lead the team to defeat the aliens and save the planet.

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Runtime: 100 min
Audio: Dual Audio
Language: Eng
Resolution: 640×480
Frame Rate: 24 fps
Video Audio Bitrate: 440 kbps
Files: 3
Info Hash: 8a425108219dd7c6c40a00d9efa4b82e5cfb4078

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