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We received an email from Zoey Miller, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Babble Out, a blog dedicated to issues parents, especially new moms, face on a daily basis. Topics discussed include Baby & Parenting, Health as it pertains to both babies and parents, and Life issues that we all deal with.

"As a working mother I’m usually faced with so many practical, everyday situations that make our lives harder, but it shouldn’t be like this. This has given me enough motivation to create this blog, so that I can give you a helping hand for as many daily problems as I can."

In the article "Everything You Have to Know About Autism," Zoey provides a well-written overview of many of the issues ASD families face from a very personal point of view.

" I first began to research autism when my daughter Daisy was diagnosed. We'd had her examined by a neurologist at age five, but that first doctor said she didn't have enough autistic behaviors to label her as autistic. Naturally, I worried about her. Would she struggle in school? Would she ever be able to make friends among her peer group?"

The article covers a number of relevant topics in a clear, concise, and straightforward manner, including:

  • Signs of Autism and Classification
  • How Is Autism Diagnosed?
  • What Causes Autism?
  • How Is Autism Treated?
  • Management and Medication

As stated in the article's conclusion, "Autism can create challenges for people with autism as well as those around them. However, it is important to know that the disorder can be managed with therapy and medication... If your child or a child you know exhibits autistic behaviors, it is important to have that person screened for autism as soon as possible."

Read the full article, "Everything You Have to Know About Autism."

We want to thank Zoey Miller for reaching out and making us aware of her informative blog. We encourage everyone to visit The Babble Out and check out its very interesting content.