Struggles For A Voice


We are autistic individuals who had no way to communicate, until someone introduced us to supported typing.

Now, we can let the world know that there is a thinking, feeling person inside the broken shells that are our bodies. Now, we can say things that come so easily to others, like "I'm hungry." Now, we can tell our families that we love them.

Typing isn’t for everyone, but for us it OPENS THE WINDOW TO THE WORLD and introduces relationship at a profoundly meaningful level.

When you give someone an opportunity to communicate, you change their lives forever.

A Voice for All
By John Smyth

authenticjohn-smythYou know what its like to speak at will? Do you know what its like to share your thoughts with those you love? Well not all people have the ability to do that. People with autism seldom get a chance to communicate these feelings or emotions. I know because until recently I thought I would never be able to express any of those things to others.  I want other children with autism to learn how to get a voice like I did so they can be set free, too.

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