Saved By Typing is pleased to provide information about Facilitated Communication (FC) Trainers and Master Trainers in various regions of the US and around the world.

Master Trainers are facilitators who have been working with Facilitated Communication (a.k.a. Supported Typing) users for many years, have attended FC trainings ranging from introductory workshops to advanced Training of Trainers, and have become skilled and experienced to provide consultations and advice to individuals with autism and their families.

Jane Remington-Gurney
Queensland, Australia

Rita Rubin
Whittier, CA

Carolyn Nuyens
San Francisco, CA

Brady Miller-Wakeham
Los Angeles, CA

Darlene Hanson
Los Angeles, CA

Christi Kasa-Hendrickson
Colorado Springs, CO

Harvey Lavoy
Montpelier/Barre, VT

Marilyn Chadwick
Syracuse, NY

Laura Poorman
Indianapolis/Carmel, IN

Karyn (Casey) DePriest
Evansville, IN

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