Carolyn Nuyens, Facilitated Communication Master Trainer

Phone: 415-479-1800
Fax: 415-230-4695
Address: PO Box 429, Forest Knolls, CA 94933

Carolyn Nuyens

Carolyn Nuyens

Carolyn has worked in the field of Developmental Disabilities since 1978, working in residential, school and work settings with children and adults. Since 1990 she has focused her work and attention on people on the Autism Spectrum . At that same time, Carolyn began her involvement with Facilitated Communication Training.

In addition to supporting FC users and their communication partners, Carolyn is a certified HANDLE practitioner and instructor. HANDLE ( an acronym for Holistic Approach for Neurodevelopment and Learning Efficiency) is an effective, non drug, home based approach that treats neurodevelopmental problems at any age.

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