Laura Poorman, Facilitated Communication Trainer

Location: Carmel, IN (Metropolitan Indianapolis area)
Phone: (317) 370-4962

laura-poormanLaura Poorman, or simply “Poorman” to her friends, colleagues, and clients, has been a Facilitated Typing (FC) trainer in the metropolitan Indianapolis area for more than 20 years. Her kindness, patience, insights, and understanding has had an amazing effect on the people whose lives she has touched.

Poorman has been receiving her FC Master Trainer training in conjunction with the Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) at Syracuse University, a leader in FC research and developing FC Training Standards and Best Practices.


Poorman on Her Journey into FC Training

“I have a most fulfilling career teaching students of all ages and disabilities. The highlight of my career is when I learned about Facilitated Communication. I was teaching students who were thought to have moderate to severe disabilities, several of whom had Autism. In my heart I knew they were smart, but until training, I had no way to access their superior abilities. I thank God every day for that training, and have continued to help many families and students access their “voices.” It has at times been difficult, but always most rewarding! My dream is to retire and commit my time to reaching even more families and students.

I look forward to expanding my family of “typers.” I truly believe in each one of them and can’t wait to meet all of you personally!”


A Typer Expresses His Gratitude to Poorman

Typer John Smyth had this to say about Poorman on his website,

“I was really dead to participation in the world until December 10, 2010. On that day, at 7pm, I met Laura Poorman and my life changed. You see, I have suffered with severe autism for all of my 17.5 years. Now I can conmmunicate my thoughts, talk to my doctor, begin  to learn real advanced schoolwork, and participate with family and friends.” Read More

“Poorman saved my life.  Someone you know may have a resurrection story waiting for them, too.” Read More

“Poorman is for others. She always sacrifices herself for me and others. Want to say that when awesomeness is present, so is she in spirit or in person. Really I admire her selfless heart for wanting patients like me waiting for the gift of language. She is the doctor of language who diagnoses if she can help and then treats the soul or body equally as healing from a dark, cold place begins. She waits to let only enough light in that the patient’s eyes can handle. She always gives of her extraordinary ability without saying she is too tired or in pain. We who are healed by her touch are eternally grateful. Read More



Poorman Discusses Key Issues About FC Training with Typer John Smyth


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