A Solution to Provide Nonverbal Autistics with Gen Ed School Credits

By John Smyth,
© 2015

Education Overview

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The number of nonverbal autistics is growing [1 in 68 children; 1 in 42 boys]. The professional organizations consider them incompetent and deny them a general education. The parents spend time and resources fighting for their child’s rights, usually without success.

The public schools are:

  1. Not equipped to recognize the children’s competence, competently communicate with them, or teach them,
  2. Not prepared to train personnel to support the children to receive a general education,
  3. Run by highly trained personnel expert at gaming the system to push the children down the road into the institutional funnel without chance of escape from the funnel or an education to make a difference if they could escape.

But There is a Solution!

My vision and ultimate goal is that all autistic persons who desire it have access to the same quality of education as everyone else, that educators first presume competence rather than an inability to learn, and that they are provided with the tools and support needed to make this a reality.

There is a pilot school that has successfully demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Train personnel to work with the autistic nonverbal population, understand and meet their needs, and harness their intelligence for learning within one week of intensive training and updates and support for coaching;
  2. Teach children who had no middle school math to do algebra, geometry, and begin to learn trigonometry in two weeks of beginning;

The end result is the children are happier, better able to communicate, and caring and supportive of each other.

One part of my solution is that schools modeled after this pilot program, the ACCESS Academy, a private school in Evansville, Indiana, become state schools AND nationally recognized centers for the education of any autistic person that wants to learn.

ACCESS Academy is committed to supporting individuals to achieve their maximum potential, while building confidence and independence for living. Their vision is to meet individuals and families where they are on their journey and together, through evidence-based therapies, innovative educational strategies, communication support, and optimal programming, move them toward a path of wellness and independence. The school’s approach to educating both verbal and nonverbal autistic children combines:

  1. The ability to train personnel assigned to support the education of each child within one week and with regular oversign, daily school day participation with the child and school, and perhaps visitation on a regular basis for additional training and review;
  2. The ability to use the latest technological and proven teaching methods, such as:
    1. The internet for communication and class activities,
    2. The FLIP classroom methodology for the child to be prepared for class (see videos about “flip classroom” on YouTube, and
    3. Class links for teacher participation and small group work via browsers, video programs, recorded work, and video conferencing.
  3. The students work in their areas of interest and passion and all learning is focused to teach the important skills and lessons withing the framework of the children’s passions.
  4. Graduates and older nonverbal autistics encourage, mentor and provide examples through their own projects of working together in their passions.
  5. Businesses are encouraged to support monetization of the thinking and efforts to contribute of the nonverbals.

With wonderful fun. With new voices who walk more inspired and easy ways to be lifted with ability. Easy and great. Inlaid with gold.

Parents from out of state:

  • Would fund their persons coming in and working with the school.
  • Would pay tuition, but may work something out with their local school corp as a form of support.
  • Would be responsible for supporting the child and facilitator.

The child gets a chance at an education they did not have in the home state.

Parents in-state would participate in a pilot program, or in a program affiliate.

  • Funds to the local school corp now go to the Evansville school.
  • When dramatic improvement is shown, the child’s placement in the school becomes permanent as long as the parents desire.
  • School funds can supplement the parents.

The school begins to set the standard for working with nonverbal autistics. These students work together to solve real world problems.

We are able to find out what toots each quiet typer’s silent awesome horn.

By doing this, we:

  • Assist this wonderfully intelligent population
  • Lead them to demonstrate, to think together and fearlessly witness with others
  • Veer into powerful breakthrough areas of thought and work
  • Lift whoever attends, and
  • Free the public schools from the “burden” of providing a Gen Ed curriculum to these exceptional but challenged individuals

Other benefits would include:

  • Jousting with IEPs will be history.
  • Teamwork with quiet quite able quick to presume competence.
  • Willing facilitators will walk heaven-like with all amazing Typers.
  • Having hungry-for-education nonverbal students to inspire each other will naturally be better lovingly for each family, group and church where spiritual strength quietly artistically quite wistfully seeps from typer fingers inspired automatically within the silence.
  • We will have examples of the amazing missions nonverbals can accomplish

What is needed to lop whatever credits are needed and move most to the graduate level?

Most schools will be happy. Those who steal the little funds won’t be.

We quietly propose a pilot program keeping all amazing talent understanding listed and safe awareness is supported. When we rail and provide an alternative we will automatically be better off.

Really excited about that, ready to inspire the students, promote the school, and walk as a coach, with speeches, teaching willing students who are ready to listen and work. Smart normals can join for their own work.

Useful support assumed by facilitators who train with us.

Teach facilitators serious skills as early as possible. Knowledge acquisition as a team will find ultimate guidance in value testing in resting inspired solutions in the marketplace.

Yes, the teams will develop in the courses.

Learning will be about flipped classrooms. Want to say content will be free from providers who will support us.

Copyright © 2015, John Smyth. All rights reserved.