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Wellspring Guild: Employing Best Practice Standards for Facilitated Communication Training and Support

Facilitated Communication (FC,) also known as Supported Typing (ST) is, put simply, a technique in which physical, communication, and emotional support is provided by a facilitator to an individual with a communication disorder (communicator). Facilitated Communication Training (FCT) is a strategy within the methods of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) where the facilitator provides a…

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“Every Child Succeeds” is the New Education Mandate

December 11, 2015: This has been a historic week for the advancement of education in the US. This past Wednesday, in a rare act of solidarity, a unified non-partisan Congress voted to eliminate the dated “No Child Left Behind” law, which many people believe was a faulty policy from it’s inception (with statistics to support…

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A Solution to Provide Nonverbal Autistics with Gen Ed School Credits

By John Smyth, © 2015 Education Overview The number of nonverbal autistics is growing [1 in 68 children; 1 in 42 boys]. The professional organizations consider them incompetent and deny them a general education. The parents spend time and resources fighting for their child’s rights, usually without success. The public schools are: Not equipped to…

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