Struggles for a Voice

Video: Dashiell, A Journey Through Autism

This video shows another example of the fact that, despite all the criticism and vilification of Facilitated Communication, for some autistics that have trouble communicating, FC works!   Dashiell A Journey Through Autism Thank you for all the wonderful comments about this Film. Please continue to share! Posted on Facebook by Shelley Pack on Tuesday,…

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NCHS Student/SBT Member on Her Use of Facilitated Communication

Saved By Typing member Kelsey Krause recently posted this brief but to-the-point response to the current stream of criticism about Facilitated Communication on her blog “Kelsey’s Korner.” Her blog, along with those of other students, is hosted on NCHSLive!, the blog site of North Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks for the shout-out, Kelsey.…

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Debate About FC Heats Up Following Controversial Article’s Publication

We have received quite a bit of feedback from the article we recently published, “Join the Fight Against Attack on Nonverbal Autistics’ Right to Communicate,” about a controversial article recently published on In the article, which was riddled with inaccuracies and one-sided opinions, author David Auerbach denounces the efficacy of Facilitated Communication (FC) based,…

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Not All Autistics are Nonverbal, Nor All Nonverbals Autistic


As many people today understand that autism is not one thing, it can present itself in a variety of manners, with differing levels of severity, and presenting a variety of symptoms. This is why the affliction has, in the last decade or so, has been referred to by the all-encompassing term “Autistic Spectrum Disorders,” or…

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A Solution to Provide Nonverbal Autistics with Gen Ed School Credits

By John Smyth, © 2015 Education Overview The number of nonverbal autistics is growing [1 in 68 children; 1 in 42 boys]. The professional organizations consider them incompetent and deny them a general education. The parents spend time and resources fighting for their child’s rights, usually without success. The public schools are: Not equipped to…

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Authentic John’s First Book Soon to be Released

Saved By Typing’s own “Authentic John” Smyth is just about ready to publish his first book, “From Autism’s Tomb.” In it, John reveals life secrets from the profound Silence that holds us all. These secrets shape every person’s reality and potential. Yet most of humanity is unaware of them because of the depths of isolation…

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