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Saved By Typing Indianapolis

Typing isn’t for everyone, but for us it opens the window to the world.

We are autistic individuals who have no way to communicate, until someone introduced us to typing. This is our monthly reunion to share our lives with each other and those who are interested.

Typing isn’t for everyone, but for us it OPENS THE WINDOW TO THE WORLD and awesomely introduces relationship at a profoundly meaningful level.

When you give someone an opportunity to communicate, you change their lives forever.

The Cost of Silence

"I remember the sad time in Lifeskills, waiting for someone and really seeing that they would never come and find me, realizing I was trapped in a body that was a tomb, totally reaffirming and poisoning all sadness into despair. Relationships where people just stared or looked away reinforced the hopeless trap each day became. Questions about when became fairy tales of shame and prisons of thought.

"The autism showed up when I was little. It stopped me from communicating and being in relationship…. I wanted to talk to all I had in my life but the words would not come. Autistic actions masked my behavior and I am afraid. It is hopeless to get rid of the autism. The way free is dark." – John Smyth, 2011, 2012


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