Adriana Smith, Typer

adriana-smith-200x218In February of 2016, 16 year old Adriana Smith and her brother Noah found their voices with the help of Saved ByTyping. They transferred to Hamilton Southeastern High School in March 2017, after previously attending schools in Plainfield, Avon, Damar Charter Academy and Brakensdale (England).

Both teens will be representing Sharonsweb Autism Foundation ( by demonstrating facilitated communication and speaking on topics relating to their peers, helping others find their voices and bringing community understanding to those who communicate differently. According to their mom Sharon, “Both have asked that we teach their bodies to cooperate with their minds, so we are collaborating with others and attending lots of conferences and trainings.”

Funds raised through eBay for charity help the foundation support and sponsor community events and opportunities for other nonverbals who have yet to find their voices.