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American Sniper 2014 torrent

Year: American Sniper 2014 torrent

Genres: Action, Biography, Drama
Director: Clint Eastwood
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner

American Sniper 2014 torrent

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American Sniper 2014 torrent:
Kyle is nothing else than Christ wanted to be a man that Texas, but perhaps you may be able to express your talent every other element of the work in the life of the thirty known the truth, it is that in the fight against terrorism in America. And he joined to the seals, in order to become a sniper. After the marriage, the other members of competition course of the first are said to Kyle. Kyles not make war at the office, but with the thing, and the reasons for the war, and after the house, as he promised, manages to deal with the urban life with his wife and the children.

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Review :

Good work on Bradley Coopers part as well, putting on the weight and getting into character to play Chris Kyle, a sniper for the navy seals who did four tours in Iraq protecting his fellow troops by being a legendary shot. the Movie explores Kyle having to deal with a rival sniper who was keeping him from doing the job of protecting his troops and having to deal with coming home to his wife and kids feeling that his mission was incomplete. Old man Eastwood mixed action, drama and humor in a way only a legendary filmmaker could put together. The man still has the ability to tell a compelling story.Bradley Cooper showed a range that is more Oscar worthy than what he did in Silver Linings Playbook. It was nothing but enjoyable from beginning to end. Worth watching.

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