Sue Rubin

Syracuse Autism Conference: Behavior is Communicative… But There Is More to Say than “I Am Mad”

Co-hosted by Syracuse University School of Education’s Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) and the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disabilities, the Autism Summer Institute is an annual conference that brings together FC typers, parents, facilitators/trainers, and educators for an educational and engaging journey, with workshops, presentations, panels and more. Our previous post in…

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Typer Sue Rubin on Independent Typing

From Presentation By Sue Rubin (California, August 1999) “I believe we cannot isolate physical independence from the other two elements of facilitated communication – communication and emotional support. Although I am called an independent typer because I no longer need physical touch, I cannot walk into a room, and type without a facilitator. The facilitator…

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Sue Rubin, Independen Typer

Sue Rubin is a 34 year-old woman with autism who was considered mentally retarded as a child. At the age of thirteen, Sue learned to express herself through the use of a computer keyboard. Facilitated Communication / supported typing revealed that Sue was in fact highly intelligent. Sue went on to study history, specializing in…

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