Facilitated Communication Trainers: New England

Saved By Typing is pleased to provide information about Facilitated Communication (FC) Trainers and Master Trainers in the New England Region of the US.

Master Trainers are a small group of extremely effective nonverbal communication specialists (kind of like Special Forces) recognized informally among themselves and soon within a guild for their mastery to assist the nonverbal. They generally have been working with Facilitated Communication (a.k.a. Supported Typing) users for many years, have typically worked meaningfully with many hundreds if not thousands of nonverbal autistics (and have provided unique skills for communication advancement,) have attended FC trainings connected with the Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) at Syracuse University ranging from introductory workshops to advanced Training of Trainers, comply with the standards established by the ICI, and have become skilled and experienced to provide consultations and advice to individuals with autism and their families. They have all brought at least one typer to independence. Trainers have many of the same qualifications and follow strict standards agreed by the master trainers, but have not yet been recognized with membership status in the guild.

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Trainers in the New England Region

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