“Free Me” – a Poem by Typer Clayton Tharpe

Typer and SBT member Clayton Tharp wanted to share this poem with all of us. It was written in music therapy and sent to us by therapist Kelly Porten. Enjoy!

Free Me
by Clayton Tharpe


Free me now
Treat me like just another person
Hungry for great deeds of freedom

Free me now
Help me now

Free me from the greed
I need to be free
I need freedom to live my life to the fullest

Understand I want my freedom
Freedom is feeling hope for greener pastures

Treat me with respect not hurting freed brethren understand I need betterment in my freedom but great care is needed very treatable services by reading up on new research

Free me
See me now
Great things are here now

Hear me now nothing freedom is my greatest detriment to indescribable happiness
Just free me