Growing Old While Our Children are Growing Up

Bushy Van Eck

Bushy Van Eck

Bushy Van Eck resides in Springs South Africa. His native language is Afrikaans but you will see his English is quite exquisite. In addition, he is a member of Mensa (the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world). After 25 years of personal research, Bushy brings forth a fascinating interpretation of Our Universe.

When there is no clear understanding of a theory, when it just cannot be explained and does not make sense, then what worth is it to humanity? And if such a theory is discovered that brings a better understanding for our existence, it is truly a gift to be shared. On this premise, Bushy pulls the curtains back on scientific theories and brings them all together to reveal a purposeful meaning of our life. You will learn that we do indeed have a greater purpose towards a greater cause.

Bushy will open profound doors that will take you to such a deep understanding of your life you will never be the same person once exposed. There is no going back, for here is the journey, that once the door is opened it cannot be closed. [From]

“Although I suffer from ADHD I’m an delusionally happy introvert behaving like an extrovert. Despite being under educated with an overactive brain I’m fortunate to have a job which I hate but always mean what I say when I say things as I see it…

Although I’ve literally tried everything I have never finished anything as being able to do something more than once is worse than boring.”

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Bushy posted this touching, insightful piece as a comment to a post on the blog Ido In Autismland:

We are growing old while our children are growing up.

Time is a precious gift of life and before we realize our children have become grownups and reached a stage where it becomes even more difficult to make a difference in their lives.
Things that once was really important has now become nothing more than a memory, memories quite often accompanied by a feeling of regret in wondering what we could have done differently if only we took the time and effort.

As we speak time is running out for millions of parents caught up in desperation and regrettably so.
For just as many that time has already became a memory of guilt.
For this very reason I would like to raise a very important questions not based on emotions but on the factual realities thereof.

Being concerned about autism for the mere fact of reading this; do you truly believe, despite all of the advancements that neuroscience and all relevant research that has been made so far, is on the verge of making a profound difference in the lives of the autistic community in the very near future?
Do you believe that neuroscience can truly say that they have a fundamental understanding of the true nature and logic as to how our minds work?

I believe that the answer to these two simple uncomplicated questions is quite obvious and has been so for a very long time.


I’m different and proud of it and won’t change it for the world.

The time has come for people such as yourself to realize that you are all unique, serving a greater purpose towards a greater cause, all for the betterment of humanity.

As such the question that you should ask yourselves is this!

Are you really the ones being different from not conforming to the norms of society?
Can you any longer allow yourself to be thought of as being an inferior and lesser person, but then especially thinking such of yourself?

I beg to tell you, No! No! No!

You are all unique; you are the fortunate ones having attained immunity against the similarities of the minds.

You are the ones critical for the conservation of humanity.

You are the ones responsible for the creation of new concepts of thought.

You are the ones responsible for the uniqueness and diversity among our species.

You are also the unacknowledged ones whose ideas are being bled dry by the parasites of society.

Raise your heads with pride for whom and what you really are. You are living on the edge of a very narrow dividing line between the so called normal and being trapped on the other side of life.

Sadly so, there are also some individuals on the far extreme of being different. They are the ones paying dearly and for this very reason they are the ones that should be cherished and appreciated for giving true meaning to life itself. They are the ones paying the penalty for keeping us on track, evolving us towards higher levels of consciousness.

Being different, rendering people such as you capable of walking the edge is exactly what prevents this world from stagnating into a meaningless loop of similarity.

“Einstein”, as with the likes of many others before himself, have been no different from who you are.
They are the ones responsible for what society have achieved.

They are also responsible for the way that society thinks, behaves and responds.

So can you! It’s up to you to take control of your abilities, let go of being perceived to be inferior when you’re not, but then especially so in guarding against thinking such of yourself.

In essence being unique you are a superior being capable of achieving what others cannot no matter how hard they try. Without people such as you the world would literally stagnate, folding back onto itself becoming meaningless in less than a few generations.

Being normal can only serve to limit your experience of life itself, living on the safe side of the edge, but then only to be caught up within the constraints of the norms and mindset of society.
Think of it like this.

If the mindset of each and every single person on this planet could be transformed into a book, then there would be billions of similar copies becoming meaningless despite being perceived otherwise. As such, you only need to read one to know them all, having similar mindsets, thinking in similar ways, inevitably leading to similar outcomes.

Think of yourself as an exceptional book embracing the title of “Being Different” which is a far cry from the similarities of books entitled “Normal”.

Without these critical indifference’s among our mental abilities we would certainly not have been capable of progressing as a human race.

Being human is that which liberates us from thinking and living like animals.
Bushy Van Eck
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