ICI Autism Summer Institute Workshop: Introduction to Facilitated Communication – Learning the Basics

Click to scroll down to the presentation: Introduction to Facilitated Communication - Learning the Basics.

Click image to scroll down to the presentation: Introduction to Facilitated Communication – Learning the Basics.

In our last post, ICI Autism Summer Institute: Workshops Overview, we presented an overview of the workshops that took place at the 2012 Autism Summer Institute, co-hosted by Syracuse University School of Education’s Institute on Communication and Inclusion and the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disabilities.

This post looks at the first, introductory workshop, Supporting Expression Through Typing.
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Strand A: Supporting Expression Through Typing

Too many individuals without effective verbal speech are assumed incapable of contributing meaningfully to the world around them or are only afforded limited access to communication systems. Supported typing or facilitated communication training has been an effective way for some individuals with autism to express their own ideas.

In this article, we start our exploration of the 2012 Autism Summer Institute workshops by taking a look at the first presentation of Strand A. Sessions in this strand explored supported typing as a method of communication access, and pushed participants to think beyond access to meaningful participation and greater independence.

Presentation: Introduction to Facilitated Communication Training: Learning the Basics (Strand A1)

Presenters: Larry Bissonnette, Tracy Thresher, Pascal Cheng, and Harvey Lavoy
This session provided participants with a general overview of facilitated communication (FC), a method of augmentative and alternative communication (ACC) used by people who have limited speaking abilities and experience difficulty with reliable, independent pointing.

Topics covered included basic elements of the FC technique, determining candidacy for FC, the training process for facilitators, and a review of current research and best practices. Examples and demonstrations where given on the use of FC with both school age individuals and adults.

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Next: Strand A2, Research in Facilitated Communication – Shifting from “If” to “How”
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Save the Dates July 28-30 for 2014 Autism Summer Institute:
Envisioning the Future: A New Disability Narrative

The Syracuse University School of Education is pleased to announce that the ICI will be hosting this year’s Summer Institute on July 28-30, at the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center. You can pre-register on the ICI website to be notified when conference registration opens.
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