Autism Support Groups: Practicing Message-Passing Skills In FC; Syracuse University Summer Conference 2012

Our previous post in the 2012 ICI Autism Summer Institute series, ICI Autism Summer Institute Workshop: Research in Facilitated Communication: Shifting from “If” to “How”, discussed research projects focused on Facilitated Communication.

Co-hosted by Syracuse University School of Education’s Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) and the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disabilities, the Autism Summer Institute is an annual conference that brings together FC typers, parents, facilitators/trainers, and educators for an educational and engaging journey, with workshops, presentations, panels and more. The host site alternates between Syracuse, NY and Durham, NH; Syracuse University’s Institute on Communication and Inclusion will host the 2014 Autism Summer Institute.

Presentation: Practicing Message-Passing Skills In Facilitated Communication (Strand A3)

Presenters: Typer Tracy Thresher; Master Trainers Pascal Cheng, and Harvey Lavoy; Zachary Rossetti, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Special Education Program, School of Education at Boston University

Message-passing, the act of conveying unknown information to another person via supported typing, is one way of improving one’s communication skills and demonstrating authorship. This presentation described the history and definition of message-passing, and shared findings and video excerpts from a qualitative study. The presentation also shared practical ideas about the process of practicing message-passing skills for both communicators and facilitators alike.

Topics covered included:
  • Authorship: Who is the author of a message produced through facilitated communication?
  • What we have learned about message passing
  • Methods: Development of “Message – Passing Kits”
  • Procedure / Protocol
  • Results / Findings

Attendees also received an ICI research statement about the basics of 
Communication / 
Typing and what research has revealed about its effectiveness. (PDF opens in new window)

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Next: Strand A4, Speak Out!; Strand A5, “I Just Had to Go for It”: How People with Autism Achieve Independent Communication
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Save the Dates July 28-30 for 2014 Autism Summer Institute:
Envisioning the Future: A New Disability Narrative

The Syracuse University School of Education is pleased to announce that the ICI will be hosting this year’s Summer Institute on July 28-30, at the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center. You can pre-register on the ICI website to be notified when conference registration opens.
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