Interactive Planner for Caregivers

We want to thank Rachel Anne Zimmers for telling us about this online interactive planner that can help you plot your child''s schedule, meals, activities, medications, and more.

All parents know how difficult it is to keep track of everything going on with their kids. From meals, to medications, to the daily schedule, children’s lives seem every bit as complicated as adults’ – maybe more. When a child has special needs, the complexity is raised to another level.

Since that isn’t financially feasible for most parents to hire a personal assistant, this "virtual" assistant can help keep you and your kids organized. And best of all, the interactive planner is absolutely free for you to use.

Explore the toolbox and discover user-friendly ways to schedule your child’s day, record your child’s meals, track games and activities, log medications, and share emergency contact information. Once completed, you can easily print out the planner so you'll always be prepared for your busy lifestyle.

In addition to the planner, you will find links to helpful articles and other resources to help make your life just a little easier, such as:

  • Entertainment Guide for Families of Children With Special Needs
  • Kids With Food Allergies
  • 21 Dishes Even Picky Eaters Will Love
  • A Mom's Top Rules for Juggling Kids' Schedules
  • How Do Routines For Special Needs Children Help?

Click here to access the Interactive Planner for Caregivers.