Kayla Takaguchi

Watch Kayla’s Voice: Empowering People with Autism

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More and more people are discovering the value of Facilitated Communication. In this video you will watch as Kayla Takeuchi, a non-speaking adolescent with autism, presents her keynote address at Syracuse University’s Facilitated Communication Institute in July 2009.

You will also hear from professionals in the field, including Rosemary Crossley, A.M., Ph.D., Director, DEAL Communication Centre, Melbourne, Australia; Marilyn Chadwick, Assistant Director and Director of Training, Syracuse University, Jenna Anderson, MT-BC, NMT, Clinical Coordinator, Neurological Music Therapy Services, Phoenix, AZ; and Darlene Hanson, MA, CCC, Director of Communication Services, WAPADH Whittier, California who will help you understand basic principles of FC.