Matthew Hobson

Matt Hobson’s Story


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A Message From Matthew Hobson

Matthew Hobson with His Mother Nancy

Matthew Hobson with
His Mother Nancy

“When I had my book published, I only hoped that I could at least help one person have the opportunity to be ‘found.’

“Understandably, I hoped it would save a person such as myself. Locked in my body for years, I had no way to communicate that I had more intelligence than anyone suspected. I was blessed to meet Laura Poorman who saved my life. Getting my chance to “speak” by typing changed my life into being able to do more than I had hoped. The book has changed many others’ lives as well. Helping others who are nonverbal with autism was the purpose of writing my story. I hope it might continue to help others “speak” by typing.

“Having no way to communicate is like being trapped under a concrete slab; silence is torture for those who can think but can’t speak. Not speaking usually means that a person is dumb and mute. Facilitated typing put an end to that. Individuals who were thought to be retarded have been found to have intelligence no one suspected. It seems too good to be true. Sometimes when people cannot explain something, they become doubtful.

“Before I learned to use facilitated communication, I had thought that special education was going to be my future, and that seemed like the worst fate in the world to me. Even my own family did not know I was “in there.” I had often wondered if the door was always going to be shut because there was no way to let people actually understand what I knew.

“I think the greatest thing that I can do with my life is to help parents see that you have to have faith that God will help you do your best to support your child. I know that parents sometimes have fears about their disabled child. They do not want people making comment, so they try protecting them by keeping them home. I used to think I was not as good as normal people, but now I know I am. I just am different. I have some purpose. God has a reason for my life.”
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