New Hampshire Resource Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders – University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability

The New Hampshire Resource Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders coordinates academic opportunities, research initiatives, professional development, and onsite technical assistance and training that provide evidence-based knowledge and skills that will enhance the full participation of individuals with ASD in their schools and communities.

The center hosts the Facilitated Communication Skill Builders group on the second Wednesday of every month. With the support of Pascal Cheng from the Howard Center in Vermont, individuals who express themselves through Facilitated Communication (FC) get together to learn new skills, make new friends, see old friends, and stay in touch with the latest FC technology to support their expression.

Currently, there is no direct cost to individuals participating in the group although many individual budgets, area agencies, and school districts provide support to sustain this activity.

According to group participant Jeff Williamson, “The group is a bunch of different things to me…..a bit of treating people like very smart people, staying in touch with other wordless people, there’s beneficial learning time, time to crack my jokes, time for facilitators to learn new skills because books are not as good as practice. We practice our bright intelligence here.”

For more information, visit the New Hampshire Resource Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders website. (opens in new window)

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