Police Training for Effective Relations with Autistic Community Comes to Little Rock

IMG_0893As a visit to our Celebration of Communication this past May from Police Officer Mark Merrell, who trains police and other first responders on how to improve relations and understanding with the disabled community, illustrates, we have been aware of the importance of proper training for first-responders in how to deal with autistic children and adults.

The video below from KATV-ABC 7 in Little Rock reports on how the Arkansas community is actively working on providing the needed training to its police officers to help improve their interaction with the autistic community.

Congratulations to Dianna Varady, director of the Arkansas Resource and Outreach Center, whose son has autism, for spearheading this much-needed initiative. We hope to see more programs like come to communities across the country.

For a transcript of the video, read the post, “Law enforcement training on how to respond to those with autism,” on the KATV website.