Rosa McAllister, Facilitated Communication Master Trainer

Services: Training & technical assistance in many topics, of which communication-related topics are certainly a major part, work in all forms of Assistive Technology with an emphasis on Augmentative/Alternative Communication, assessments
for communication, training for supporters, teaching graduate courses on the topic of AT in inclusive classrooms.
Phone: 610-935-6624
Location: PA and HI

Rosa McAllister, M.Ed., A.T.P. is the Assistant Executive Director and co-founder of Networks for Training and Development, Inc. Over her almost lifetime involvement as a family member and a career in the field of developmental disabilities, Rosa has been involved with numerous innovative projects in education, home supports, positive behavioral supports, organizational development, and system-wide training — all to assist people with disabilities in being heard, respected, and in control of their own life.

Rosa has become well-known in assisting those with various disabilities to find increased responsive, functional communication systems and ways of living more independently through the use of “technology”. In this capacity, she has assisted in the development of the Pennsylvania based self-advocacy group known as The Lonesome Doves; has developed an innovative training project to build local capacity known as The Communication Mentors’ Course; teaches part-time at Arcadia University in the area of Instructional and Assistive Technology; and is a frequent guest lecturer and presenter.

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