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Autism Speaks Does NOT Speak for All Autistic People

Autism Speaks Does Not Speak For Me

Autism Speaks is the largest, most powerful, Autism Advocacy group in in the country. It raises more than $120 million in donations a year to support their efforts. However, according to their own audited financial statements, in 2014 less than 4% of Autism Speaks’ expenditures actually support autistic people and their families. Salaries/benefits and associated…

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Autism Support Groups: Building Autistic Community – What Autistic Culture Can Mean To You

Our previous post in the 2012 ICI Autism Summer Institute series, ICI Autism Summer Institute Workshop: Communication and Inclusion – Principles for Going Forward, focused on strategies for transforming the landscape of possibility to achieve full and free access to communication and inclusive education. Co-hosted by Syracuse University School of Education’s Institute on Communication and…

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Video: “I Want To Say” – New Technology Helps Autistics Communicate

Watch I Want to Say to see how new technology improves the quality of life for autistic students. ‘I Want to Say’ is a 27-minute documentary short that tells the story of Hacking Autism, a newly adopted Autism Speaks initiative devoted to unlocking the voices of children with autism through technology. The film sprang from…

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Hacking Autism: Developing Technology to Unlock Voices of Children with Autism

Hacking Autism, an Autism Speaks initiative sponsored by Hewlett-Packard (HP,) is devoted to unlocking the voices of children with autism through technology. Hacking Autism seeks to facilitate and accelerate technology-based ideas to help give those with autism a voice. When touch-enabled computing was introduced to the world, no one could have anticipated that this technology…

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