A Thank You Letter To Joe Reitz From His Fans At Saved By Typing

Indianapolis Colts Offensive Lineman Joe Reitz with Team SBT

Indianapolis Colts Offensive Lineman Joe Reitz with Team SBT

On Saturday April 19, typers, their family, and other attendees showed up at Saved By Typing’s monthly Celebration of Communication in Colts blue to honor the event’s special guest, Joe Reitz, #76, offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts. Joe was an immediate hit with the often shy typers, many of them diehard Colts fans who had been anticipating the event for weeks. And they were not disappointed.

To show their appreciation for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit with them, the typers wrote the message below to Joe to say thank you.

Thank You Joe, From Team SBT

April 19, 2014

Dear Joe,
Thank you so much for loving us with your presence. Leaving your personal schedule to be with us acquits quiet you of so many assumptions about professional athletes. When lifting your team to success, know that we are waiting in prayerful, heartfelt love for your succor and God’s faithfulness to carry you through. Each of us don’t have much sacrificial tested physical skill, but we are all warriors of heart with real appreciation for all that we have.

We thank you for quietly loving the souls trapped in prisons of silence for so many years. Poor are we in many things. Sad laughter is our remedy, with sad loss safely, quietly preparing us as examples of assumed incompetence who have deep internal lives and love terribly desperate to be expressed. Walking water-logged with abundance is not our path. We love God in the silent waste of waiting and being unknown. Jeers lose their sealing destructiveness on our self-esteem as we walk without want or need except to witness real competence and love.

We hope you will reach out patiently where others are trapped in silence and send them to us for healing witness to our world. You are our brother. We honor your gifts and your heart.

Truly yours,

John Smyth, Jeremy Stutz, Jake Willmann, Seth Harrison, Matt Hobson, Lindsey Dotlich, Joe Kelly, Brock Troutman, Josh Berkau, Andy Moody, Kelsey Krause