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The Signal 2014 torrent

Year: The Signal 2014 torrent

Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: William Eubank
Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke, Beau Knapp

The Signal 2014 torrent

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The Signal 2014 torrent:
The way the two friends were ready to march, Nick the area once a football genius. When egrave; suddenly walks in the dark, it feels, Nick – so great as for the waking only to find.

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Review :

This film caught my eye because it had Laurence Fishburne. Its shallow, I know, but I am also a sci-fan fan and thats what sold it. The movie was a pleasant escape from reality, though at times, I was fiddling a bit in my chair. There were some long scenes of silence and eye candy, artistic nostalgic-type flashbacks. I enjoyed that the characters are young and the director is young, so the movie feels fresh. For the most part the plot is realistic, but some parts (wont spoil it) werent. I followed the movie with interest, and was very impressed by the animation and graphics. The acting was good, included romance, action, a bit of humor, and of course, psychological thriller. Other sci-fi movies bend my mind leaving me dumbfounded, but this one was more entertainment, which is kind of a relief.

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Runtime: 97 min
Audio: Dual Audio
Language: Eng
Resolution: 720×480
Frame Rate: 29.9 fps
Video Audio Bitrate: 440 kbps
Files: 3
Info Hash: d57160d8665284c31e32b29d3e4c67697c336090

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