Tim Chan

Watch Video of Tim Chan’s FC Typing Progress

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Tim Chan is an 18 year old Australian with autism and very little speech. As a result of Facilitated Communication Training provided by Dr Rosemary Crossley, he first began typing several years ago at age nine.

Tim Chan

Tim Chan

Initially, Tim needed wrist support from a communication partner– and some people did not support his access to this method of communication. However as a result of perseverance with facilitated communication training, Tim was able to progress to using elbow support and then shoulder support.

The video clip above, which was published in July of 2012, demonstrates how Tim has now progressed to requiring only a touch on his back or leg in order to provide the simple “emotional reassurance” he says he needs due to an anxiety about communicating which he attributes to his autism. [Watch Tim’s earlier video from October, 2011, on our Evidence page.]

Tim types “I am reading My Left Foot about Christy Brown, painter author who has cerebral palsy and had to do things with his left foot. I am no way being cued, its hard enough to work out what to say for myself”