Update: High Schooler With Down Syndrome Hits Four 3-Pointers

We recently posted a video about Kevin Grow, the 18-year-old with down syndrome who shot 14 points in the last two minutes of his high school’s senior night basketball game and led his team to victory. This extraordinary event was followed by having his accomplishment featured on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Well, the story didn’t end there, it just got more interesting.

These events alone would have been enough to make this a memorable week for just about anyone. But Kevin’s achievement took a fantastic, almost surreal, turn when the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers reached out to him and asked him to be the team’s newest member. As you can imagine, he said yes.

The 76ers first heard about Kevin when his high school coach, John Mullins, contacted the 76ers to try to arrange something special for him. After seeing Kevin’s game-winning shot at the buzzer on SportsCenter, the team knew they wanted to get involved.
[blockquote cite=”Earl Grow, Kevin’s father*“]”[The NBA getting in touch] was ridiculous. They had a full press conference and actually gave him a [two-day] contract to sign. They let him practice with the team. He played one on one with Evan Turner, his favorite player. They’ve gone out of their way to make it really, really special.”[/blockquote]

Meet the Newest Member of the Philadelphia 76ers, #33 – Kevin Grow

Watch Kevin’s introduction as the newest 76er to the home crowd, as well as a recap of the week’s events in this YouTube video from NBAHighlights:

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For more details about Kevin’s amazing, albeit short, NBA career, read the ABC News article, Down Syndrome Teen Free Throws His Way to NBA Contract. (opens in new window)

* Source: Down Syndrome Teen Free Throws His Way to NBA Contract; ABC News (2/18/2014)