Why SBT?

To educate and to reach the lost and abandoned.

"Autism doesn't make you stupid."
John Smyth

John Smyth, formerly Carmel, now Brownsburg, Indiana:

  • Self-taught to read at 3; "diagnosed" with a 3 year old's mind
  • Capacity to communicate discovered Dec 9, 2010, age 16.5
  • Life-skills to age 17 without any real communication with anyone- parents, doctors, educators, siblings
  • Tested out of middle school math in 6 weeks
  • Passed state assessments for English 10 and Algebra without needing to complete the coursework
  • Has his own website: www.authenticjohn.wpengine.com

A message from John:

"I have been freed from the prison of autism to participate more fully after 16 years of loneliness.  Yet so many more remain in this prison…. (T)he blind and lame … no one currently regards them as incompetent, though they could not complete standardized tests without accomodation. How we have come to where we are is through ignorance, and education is the solution.”

If you know someone who is autistic and doesn’t communicate, chances are they are very intelligent and waiting for a chance to express themselves.

When you give someone an opportunity to communicate, you change their lives forever.

Did You Know Autism Affects 1 in 88 Children and 1 in 54 Boys?

READ THE REPORT: Quantitative Evaluation of Sociologic Factors That Can Lead to Apparent Increases in Autism Prevalence

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