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Zombeavers 2014 torrent

Year: Zombeavers 2014 torrent

Genres: Comedy, Horror
Director: Jordan Rubin
Starring: Rachel Melvin, Cortney Palm, Lexi Atkins

Zombeavers 2014 torrent

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Zombeavers 2014 torrent:
ZOMBEAVERS is action packed horror / comedy in which a group of college kids staying in the cabin river are threatened by a swarm of deadly zombie Beavers. The weekend of sex and debauchery soon turns creepy as beavers near the children. Riding the line between scary, sexy and fun, the children fighting for their lives were soon in a desperate attempt to storage of beavers who refuse to attack them in and around their huts.

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Review :

Now this film was great, succeeding in a funny, completely off the wall horror film filled with various success! Zombeavers Yup. You heard right, they went as far as making zombie beavers. It sounds completely stupid, and pitiful, but this is the total opposite. Before I start anything, if your a fan of poker face horror films, you probably wouldnt like this, but if your into dark, humorous, original comedy – horror films, youd love this one. The movie defiantly succeeded on its objective, delivering a pretty entertaining film, tied in with various dark comedy, and clichéd laughs. The movie dose consist on loads of clichés, ranging from some setting executions, to simple movie ideas, scattering them though out the entire movie. The acting in the movie was good for what it was, the characters executed clichéd characters, which was done quite well for what it was. The monsters, or in this case the Zombie beavers / Zombeavers were awesome, giving us completely original horror tactics, instead of relying on horrible clichéd CGI effects, which was highly enjoyable! Theres also an enjoyable twist involving the beavers, which youll have to see to believe! The entire movie plot was executed awesomely, giving the movie success, as it completes its objective in making an entertaining, new, funny, and even thrilling movie.Finally, this was an awesome film, its meant to be hilarious, and clichéish, and it succeeded in that, giving a really nice, entertaining film that was a blast to watch, bringing original tactics back on the spot! Id recommend it to any horror fan who wants to watch a fun, ridiculous film.

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Runtime: 85 min
Audio: 5.1
Language: Eng
Resolution: 704×480
Frame Rate: 29.9 fps
Video Audio Bitrate: 384 kbps
Files: 3
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