Jamie Burke

Independent Typer/Social Talker Jamie Burke Coming to Central Indiana on 3/12

Click to Scroll Down to Event Details(Includes Updated Schedule Information)   We are pleased to announce that Jamie Burke, a Motivational Speaker, Social Advocate, and autistic independent typer, will be making a visit to the Indianapolis area, with presentations on Saturday March 12th and Sunday March 13th. Long-time members of Saved By Typing may recognize…

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Typer Sue Rubin on Independent Typing

From Presentation By Sue Rubin (California, August 1999) “I believe we cannot isolate physical independence from the other two elements of facilitated communication – communication and emotional support. Although I am called an independent typer because I no longer need physical touch, I cannot walk into a room, and type without a facilitator. The facilitator…

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Jamie Burke: Thoughts from His Journey to Independent Typing

Jamie Burke, Independent Typer

Hello folks, it’s certainly my joy to share with you these thoughts that have helped and supported me on this work of increasing the ability to engage a more dependable and independently accessed typed communication. These are still the dearly good steps that continue to be helpful in the typing of communication. Jamie Burke October…

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