The Ember – Words & Music by Autistic Typer John Smyth

The Ember was written by supported typer John Smyth as an English class extra-credit assignment. His original poem was typed by him (all of the words are his, with about 5 verbal suggestions for better clarity from his dad.) John wrote / typed the original keyboard arrangement with the help of Vickie Stohl, his music therapist.

John Smyth, Poet

Click above for text version of
The Ember by John Smyth

As John put it: “Easy waiting, weary anguish, and quiet, awesome patience combine in my sad and hopeful poem. Scores by me provide the sound of suffering in a scary and dark place. Was a poem ever more accurately and awesomely written to share the tragedy and benefit autism can give to mankind?”

This video presentation of The Ember is narrated by Jim Smyth, John’s father.

"As I read and heard his father narrate The Ember, I felt goose bumps develop all over my body. I was incredibly moved, touched and inspired at the same time."
Don D. Mann
USN, ret.; author of Inside SEAL Team 6, My Life and Missions with America’s Elite Warriors

Read Don Mann’s complete review of The Ember.

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