Larry Bissonette

Larry Bissonnette presenting Keynote Address at the 2012 Autism Summer Institute

Larry Bissonnette

Larry Bissonnette is an advocate and artist who lives in Milton, Vermont. He is both the subject and writer of an award winning film about his life, "My Classic Life as an Artist: A Portrait of Larry Bissonnette" (2005).

Most recently, he was featured in the feature length documentary, "Wretches and Jabberer" (2010).
In 1991, Larry learned to communicate through typing and began combining words with his art to express his thoughts and ideas. Over the past 15 years, he has been a featured presenter at many educational conferences and has written and spoken on the topics of autism, communication and art.

“I am an artist mimicking Picasso in old Vermonter style and I am opportuning my movie stardom to slay the dragons of institutionally oriented attitudes and launch campaigns to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in mainstream society,” Larry states.

Larry presented the keynote address “Planting the Seeds for Artistic and Political Expression through Communication” at the 2012 Autism Summer Institute. Click here to download a transcription of the address. (PDF opens in new window)
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