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The New FC Debate, Round 3: Another “Expert” Enters the Fight

A few weeks ago, we first reported about the latest round of attacks on the efficacy of facilitated communication (FC) in the post “Join the Fight Against Attack on Nonverbal Autistics’ Right to Communicate.” after author David Auerbach published his controversial article “Facilitated Communication Is a Cult That Won’t Die,” on In our post,…

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ICI Autism Summer Institute: Training and Information for FC Typers, Parents, Trainers and Educators

The Syracuse University School of Education’s Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) is a leader in the field of research and training on facilitated communication (FC). Its initiatives stress the important relationship of communication to inclusion. Each year, the ICI sponsors the Autism Summer Institute, an educational and engaging journey, with workshops, presentations, panels for…

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Larry Bissonette

Larry Bissonnette is an advocate and artist who lives in Milton, Vermont. He is both the subject and writer of an award winning film about his life, "My Classic Life as an Artist: A Portrait of Larry Bissonnette" (2005). Most recently, he was featured in the feature length documentary, "Wretches and Jabberer" (2010).
In 1991, Larry…

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