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The Ember, a poem by John Smyth

Click to watch video: "The Ember" by John Smyth

The Ember by John Smyth When all I could lamely autistically do was open my mouth and make sounds that made no sense and behave in ways that were inconsistent with what a normal person would think or do, my autism looked as if it was what defined me and was all I might ever…

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Typers Hold Panel Discussion After Screening of Wretches & Jabberers

This past Sunday afternoon, a screening of Gerardine Wurzburg’s movie Wretches & Jabbers was held at the Brownsburg Public Libarary. The movie, released in 2011, is about the international efforts of Tracy Tresher and Larry Bisonnette to promote supported typing as a method of communication for nonverbal autistic individuals, as well as to connect with…

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An Amazing Autism Story

Hi. My name is John Smyth. I am 19 ½ years old and have autism. My autism is so severe that I often cannot talk. My mind tells me what to say, but my lips will say nothing or make sounds I do not intend. So I type with one finger to talk, with some…

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John Smyth

John Smyth Earns Academic Letter from Brownsburg High School

The Cost of Silence: “I remember the sad time in Lifeskills, waiting for someone and really seeing that they would never come and find me, realizing I was trapped in a body that was a tomb, totally reaffirming and poisoning all sadness into despair. Relationships where people just stared or looked away reinforced the hopeless…

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