Typers Hold Panel Discussion After Screening of Wretches & Jabberers

This past Sunday afternoon, a screening of Gerardine Wurzburg’s movie Wretches & Jabbers was held at the Brownsburg Public Libarary.

The movie, released in 2011, is about the international efforts of Tracy Tresher and Larry Bisonnette to promote supported typing as a method of communication for nonverbal autistic individuals, as well as to connect with other supported typers around the world.

After the screening, a group of four local typers, Lindsey Dotlich, John Smyth, Seth Harrison, and Matthew Dobson (shown above receiving the assistance of their parental faciltator), served as panelists to answer about a dozen questions from the audience.

It was exciting to see all of the panelists eagerly type their responses, with an obvious desire to share their knowledge and a mutual passion to help others in a similar position.

This event was the second recent free screening of Wretchers & Jabberers presented by Saved By Typing. On November 24, a screening of the award-winning film and a discussion were held at the Fishers Public Library, with panelists Joe Kelly, Jeremy Stutz, Seth Harrison, Jake Willmann and John Smyth.

After the discussion in Brownsburg, several certificates of appreciation were handed out to individuals who have supported the typer community above and beyond the call of community service. Certificate recipients were peers Lydia Thomas and Kevin Albert, along with teacher Rachael Cotteleer.

Here are some photo thumbnails (click to enlarge) from the panel discussion:


Wretches & Jabberers

Watch the official Wretches & Jabberers trailer, below:

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