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The New FC Debate, Round 3: Another “Expert” Enters the Fight

A few weeks ago, we first reported about the latest round of attacks on the efficacy of facilitated communication (FC) in the post “Join the Fight Against Attack on Nonverbal Autistics’ Right to Communicate.” after author David Auerbach published his controversial article “Facilitated Communication Is a Cult That Won’t Die,” on In our post,…

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Facilitated Communication Typers Receive HS Academic Letter

John Smyth Earns Academic Letter from Brownsburg High School

John Smyth, the son of SBT’s Program Director Jim, recently received an Academic Letter from his high school in Brownsburg, IN. Letters were given to all students who earned a 3.8 average or higher for the first three grading periods of the school year. John, a non-verbal autistic, began typing in December of 2010, at…

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Typers Hold Panel Discussion After Screening of Wretches & Jabberers

This past Sunday afternoon, a screening of Gerardine Wurzburg’s movie Wretches & Jabbers was held at the Brownsburg Public Libarary. The movie, released in 2011, is about the international efforts of Tracy Tresher and Larry Bisonnette to promote supported typing as a method of communication for nonverbal autistic individuals, as well as to connect with…

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