Facilitated Communication Typers Receive HS Academic Letter

John Smyth Earns Academic Letter from Brownsburg High School

John Smyth Proudly Displaying His Academic Letter from Brownsburg High School

John Smyth, the son of SBT’s Program Director Jim, recently received an Academic Letter from his high school in Brownsburg, IN. Letters were given to all students who earned a 3.8 average or higher for the first three grading periods of the school year.

John, a non-verbal autistic, began typing in December of 2010, at age 16 1/2. Prior to that, he had spent his time at his previous school in “Life Skills” training, without any real communication with anyone- parents, doctors, educators, siblings, etc.

Since relocating to Brownsburg High School, John tested out of middle school math in 6 weeks, and passed state assessments for English 10 and Algebra without needing to complete the coursework.

Way to go, John. We couldn’t be prouder of your accomplishments and the obstacles you have overcome. Keep up the good work.

Click here to learn more about this remarkable young man.

You can also read some of John’s poetry and essays on his website, AuthenticJohn.com. (opens in new window)

Another SBT Typer Earns Her Letter; Maybe It’s Something In Brownsburg’s Water

Lindsey Dotlich Holds Her Academic Letter From Brownsburg High School.

Lindsey Dotlich beams as she shows off her Academic Letter from Brownsburg High School.

We couldn’t have been happier when we heard that Lindsey Dotlich, another SBT typer, also received an Academic Letter from Brownsburg High School. It’s nice to know that somebody else’s hard work this year has paid off!

How much more proof does anyone need that non-verbal does NOT mean unintelligent or incompetent?

Keep up the good work, Lindsey!