Thank you, Jeremy Stutz: A Eulogy

Thank You, Jeremy Stutz

Love will always be with us. In plastic social circles of awful shallowness we will not find her. Quietly, in the depths of care for anyone with autism, however, she appears in the drudgery of careful attention to food, clothing, shelter and allowance each day for our difficult paths. We did not choose this challenging, arduous, painful paltry humiliation and yet, together, we already accepted it and what destiny it flavors in tears of sadness and joy.

Only jealous survivors of autism know the joy of patient freedom that Jeremy now knows with Jake. Their suffering annexation of who they peacefully were born to be as a loved and loving soul sown in the earthly realm loved of parents placed alongside in what sometimes seemed a hell only under a shroud of mystery is now disappeared. Of love was he given, in love was hell embraced. Soon enough is he faithfully embraced as whole, healed, filled with vigor, and divine of origin.

Really, we mourn not for him but for ourselves absent his company on this earthly path. Share the love that Jeremy knew with us with others. It sacredly honors him, dignifies us, pours him forth into our lives on this earth, and prepares us to see him again.

Jeremy, thank you for your time with us,