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Matthew Hobson

Nov 18, 2013

Matt Hobson’s Story     [dt_divider style=”thick” /]   A Message From Matthew Hobson “When I had my book published, I only hoped that I could at least help one person have the opportunity to be ‘found.’ “Understandably, I hoped it would save a person such as myself. Locked in my body for years, I…

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John Smyth Earns Academic Letter from Brownsburg High School

John Smyth

Nov 17, 2013

The Cost of Silence: “I remember the sad time in Lifeskills, waiting for someone and really seeing that they would never come and find me, realizing I was trapped in a body that was a tomb, totally reaffirming and poisoning all sadness into despair. Relationships where people just stared or looked away reinforced the hopeless…

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Saved By Typing Indianapolis

Welcome to Saved By Typing — Home of Indy’s Supported Typists

Nov 16, 2013

We are autistic individuals who have no way to communicate, until someone introduced us to typing. This is our monthly reunion to share our lives with each other and those who are interested. Typing isn’t for everyone, but for us it OPENS THE WINDOW TO THE WORLD and awesomely introduces relationship at a profoundly meaningful…

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