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Nonverbal Autistic Finds His Voice and Faith with Help from Neurologic Music Therapy and Facilitated Communication

Aug 3, 2015

Meet Josh, a 17-year-old with severe autism. He has been receiving neurologic music therapy (NMT) with Karyn (Casey) DePriest at Integrative Music Therapy (IMT) with wonderful responses. He is learning to integrate his brain and body for more functional movements and has learned to communicate through supported typing. He has so much to say about…

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Authentic John’s First Book Soon to be Released

Jul 29, 2015

Saved By Typing’s own “Authentic John” Smyth is just about ready to publish his first book, “From Autism’s Tomb.” In it, John reveals life secrets from the profound Silence that holds us all. These secrets shape every person’s reality and potential. Yet most of humanity is unaware of them because of the depths of isolation…

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Matthew Hobson Displays His Book

Matthew Hobson’s Book “I’m So Glad You Found Me in Here”

Nov 10, 2014

“When I had my book published, I only hoped that I could at least help one person have the opportunity to be “found.”  Understandably, I hoped it would save a person such as myself. Locked in my body for years, I had no way to communicate that I had more intelligence than anyone suspected. I…

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The Lost Gift, A Poem By John Smyth

May 14, 2014

The Lost Gift By John Smyth Wanting personal communication was lost in isolation and will wait with suffering. Each sadly wailing parent only appreciates in silos of grief longing for the child in another silo longing for them, separated waste assumes as human thinking shapes all silos. Your child waits in the same wanting waiting…

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John Smyth Earns Academic Letter from Brownsburg High School

Facilitated Communication Typers Receive HS Academic Letter

May 7, 2014

John Smyth, the son of SBT’s Program Director Jim, recently received an Academic Letter from his high school in Brownsburg, IN. Letters were given to all students who earned a 3.8 average or higher for the first three grading periods of the school year. John, a non-verbal autistic, began typing in December of 2010, at…

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Syracuse Autism Conference: Behavior is Communicative… But There Is More to Say than “I Am Mad”

Mar 20, 2014

Co-hosted by Syracuse University School of Education’s Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) and the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disabilities, the Autism Summer Institute is an annual conference that brings together FC typers, parents, facilitators/trainers, and educators for an educational and engaging journey, with workshops, presentations, panels and more. Our previous post in…

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Video: Laura Poorman on Facilitated Communication and Supported Typing: Answers to Key Questions

Feb 12, 2014

Facilitated Communication Trainer Laura Poorman discusses facilitated communication and supported typing with John Smyth.   [dt_divider style=”thick” /]   Answers to Key Questions About Supported Typing (Feb. 25, 2012) Read the transcript of this conversation below the video.   [dt_divider style=”thick” /]   Transcript: Laura Poorman Answers John Smyth’s Questions John: The understanding I have…

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Typer John Smyth has Essay Posted on Science Fiction Blog

Feb 3, 2014

Our own John Smyth had one of his essays, Are we fundamentally good or evil?, posted on Sci-Fi, a blog normally dedicated to all things science fiction. As blog editor D. Alexander said in his introduction, “There are times when we are sent something written by a fan of the site, or someone simply…

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Typer Sue Rubin on Independent Typing

Jan 31, 2014

From Presentation By Sue Rubin (California, August 1999) “I believe we cannot isolate physical independence from the other two elements of facilitated communication – communication and emotional support. Although I am called an independent typer because I no longer need physical touch, I cannot walk into a room, and type without a facilitator. The facilitator…

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